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Eat Me Up: Body & Boob Deodorant-USA

Eat Me Up: Body & Boob Deodorant-USA

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Keep ALL OVER ready for action with our all-natural deodorant! Before getting up close and personal, spruce up those zones to ensure they're fresh and inviting. This 24hr deodorant can be applied to the outer kitty, inner thighs, booty cheeks, perky crack, under the "girls," and yes, even the pits! Stay phresh, stay fun, stay sweet! 🌈😜

Scent: Peach 🍑

Directions: Use first thing in the morning or after a shower for all day freshness. Pat area dry & glide deodorant stick on external areas where hair grows or where you sweat. Reapply as needed.



External use only. Discontinue use if irritaton develops. 

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