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The Vaginal Mint



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Slippery Bliss will keep you wet during the course of your fun time. Whether solo or with a partner, this is the missing piece you're lacking to make everything more sensual, intense, and orgasmic. Super slippery and long-lasting. 

Slippery Bliss is a lubricant and has a unique consistency that mimics your natural secretions, x10. It's crystal clear so it blends in perfectly with your natural juices.

Unscented & PH Balanced.

Directions: Accumulate as much of the product you would like using the dropper top then lay back and insert it into your vagina or anus 5-10 minutes before sex to get the best results.

Be sure to thoroughly wash your dropper top with soap and water after each use.
You can also drop the desired amount of slippery bliss on your vagina or anus without inserting the dropper top. Store in a cool dry place.

Size: 2.5 oz/ 67ml
*Safe to use with All Toys & Condoms*

Ingredients: Distilled water, Aloe extract, Slippery elm extract + Organic Ingredients providing extreme wetness. 
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